Our Story

Established in 2018, The Letter Box Co had its humble beginnings with a fascination with all things to do with letters - through our felt letter boards! 

Letters, alone, are a part of all our lives both in a literal and figurative sense - from learning the alphabet, to piecing words and sentences together, to writing letters to loved ones, and finally, to featuring a message made up of letters to an audience! It is an interactive way for messages to be communicated and makes for beautiful event, home or party decor as well :)

The Letter Box Co went on to explore even more ways to help our customers customise our products to their liking! Thus, we introduced our Wax Stamp Sets and Glass Frames to allow customers to have their opinions and preferences considered and made a reality.

In 2020, The Letter Box Co decided to explore the realms of simplicity, elegance, minimalism, and functionality through everyday lifestyle products. Operating from a place of curiosity, The Letter Box Co seeks for connection and resonance through products of quality and novelty, fit for your modern lifestyle. We hope for these products to add value to your daily living!

With our range of products, we will continue to share a piece of our fascination and creativity with you one product at a time.